All “Discover Izvoarele” materials are a product of an European Voluntary Service (EVS) project called Izvoarele Unveiled, co-funded by the European Commision in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme, the programme focused on supporting education, youth and sport.

 The main aim of this 12 months project was discovering and promoting the Commune of IZVOARELE. The idea was to observe and learn the particular daily routines and the lifestyle of the commune as well as get to know the geography and natural resources, in order to promote it with a respectful tourism and to show it to the ones interested in the rural and natural environment.

The team of international volunteers had been immersing in the daily life of the people of the commune with a curious sensibility about the social and cultural and very subjective situations, without forgetting the potential attractive of the landscapes. Putting the emphasize on the inhabitants of the commune and on their circumstances, the team collected valuable knowledge and personal experiences shared by some of the people of the villages. It has been shared the beliefs and practices on their routines: their relation with the natural land and resources, the role of the Orthodox religion or their local recipes, among other. A one year project was just a beginning – an icebreaker for further discoveries of the beautiful rural areas of Izvoarele, Prahova and – hopefully – Romania general.

Results of the project IZVOARELE UNVEILED

The most visible results of the project are the monography, the short documentary, a map and this web page.

In the MONOGRAPHY we expressed all the information and experiences we had during the year being in the commune – from going to pick up vegetables with the Tanti (the English equivalent would be “madam” or “lady”) to explore the hills of the area – using a format that would allow the reader to notice the different points of view of each member of the team and at the same time to get a descriptive and documented information of the life of the commune.

We collected audiovisual material, which allowed us to create a short and humble DOCUMENTARY with the aim of showing the different circumstances of the commune and to give voice to different inhabitants.


A MAP OF THE COMMUNEA using Google Maps. Using it as a base, we went through the whole commune mostly by walk in order to find all the points that can be seen actually in that map. We marked from buildings such as churches or Cultural Centres to wells, crosses or good viewpoints for the landscape. This web page was created with the aim of also promoting a rural and respectful tourism of the commune. Here you can find useful information such as how to get here, what can you visit or the local way of living.