We are a team of four international volunteers that came to the Commune of Izvoarele under the Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service programme.


Czech Republic
He drove from Czech Republic to Romania – with a car full of stuff. He likes to chat and go out a lot, a useful ability to start and maintain good relationships and connections with the villagers. He became very popular in the commune thanks to his skills in playing the guitar.


He is an Argentinian coming from Spain, and the youngest of the team as well as the most artistic – and energetic – of all. You can find him either drawing sketches in some random notebook, or handling his smartphone, computer and camera. Those skills came very handy when the time to edit videos came.


She studied Social and Cultural Anthropology in Madrid. She is a curious person and wants to discover new situations. Also likes to question almost everything. Thanks to her looks and small size she managed to pass undercover with the kids from the school when the carolling season came.


She is actually half Italian and half French and studied History and English. She is the chillest of all of us, and a natural wanderer – with a book under her arm. Her skills in learning new languages gave her the advantage of talking with the villagers in Romanian about their daily life… and then to translate it to the rest of the team.