The Commune of Izvoarele can be reached by different ways of transportation.


– By bus: The company that operates in the commune is Chivaran. There are four stops, one in Malu Vânăt, one in Homorâciu, one in Izvoarele village and another one in Schiulești. The route of this company also has direct connection with the cities of Ploiești and Bucharest.





– By train: The commune is connected with the TFC train company. There are two stops, one in the village of Izvoarele and the other one in Homorâciu. With this train line you can go to the next big city, Ploiești, and from there you can make connection with the rest of cities of Romania.


– By car: Izvoarele are located on the national road 1A (DN1A), the road that connects the cities of Ploiești and Brașov along the Teleajen valley. You will be heading north from the capital to reach our commune. Coming from Bucharest you have several options to leave the city in the right direction – follow A3 highway,  or E60 fast road towards Ploiești, where you follow the directions for Valenii de Munte, that will take you on  DN1A. From there on continue straight in direction Cheia / Brașov and you will bump into Comuna Izvoarele sign (↓) about 15 minutes after passing Valenii de Munte. Mind the black cat crossing your way!